Parents’ Academy

Parents’ Academy September 2013

by Kathy Lozano, Director

These are questions I posed to parents who completed “Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours” this month….

What have you learned about YOURSELF in this class?

  • I have learned that criticism hurts- I am not so critical- Heidi
  • No matter how long you have been a parent you always have something to learn- Cathy
  • I have learned that there are other parents that are interested in becoming a better parent- Dolores
  • That we can accomplish what we seek out to do- Eric
  • That you can make a difference in a child’s life- Adrian
  • Every day there is always something new- Tina
  • Patience and commitment- Beatriz
  • That I can be a better parent- Roger
  • I’m doing the best I can with my family- Dina
  • That I am being patient but not perfect- Michelle
  • I have learned that I can always learn more about my kids by paying more attention to their feelings-Lorena
  • That I am open to more ideas
  • No one is perfect. As long as you are willing, we can all be better people/parents – Fernando
  • To take time to love myself


What PROGRESS have you already seen in yourself?

  • I’m less stressed- Dina
  • More determined- Tina
  • I am more open minded- Dolores
  • How to control my kids- Adrian
  • Happier about my progress- Eric
  • I’m not as critical- more supportive- Heidi
  • I am determined to get things right on my own. Being independent. I used to have a back up. Now I do it by myself.
  • I listen to my children and be patient and be strong. I stick to my rules- Beatriz
  • Growth of my feelings and actions- Lorena
  • Not so nervous about little things any more- Renate
  • I find more positives- Cathy
  • Tried to see the positive in my kids individually.
  • That parenting class really does work- Roger
  • I don’t yell as much- Terrance
  • Have more patience- Lizeth

Parents’ Academy 5/11/2013

Stories – Kathy Lozano, Director

I have two couples in my Monday night MCM class that have recently reunited when dad got out of prison. One of them just stopped by to get my signature to prove they are attending sessions. They were assigned to go to NA (Narcotics Anonymous) every week but have gotten permission to come to parenting instead. The wife shared that the classes are helping them so much more than any other program they have gone to and that they see a big improvement in their marriage and communication already, only half way through the program.

The other couple stayed after class on Monday and told me they are struggling with authority in the home because mom was on her own for three years while dad was locked up and she is so used to handling everything. The kids do not feel they have to listen to dad because mom is the real one in charge. Next week we will be working on communication styles and I think that will help them a lot. I think they are beginning to see each other in a little different light now.

A third couple, who demonstrate a lot of closeness and affection in class, and who have shared their Christian witness surprised me with a revelation this week. I was talking about bonding and attachment and helping a mom from another family process the challenge she is facing because she did not get to bond with her infant. Her baby was born while she was in prison and her newborn was immediately taken away from her. As we talked about rebuilding the bond for her, the dad of the witness couple said he missed a whole lot of his kid’s life when he was too busy selling drugs to pay attention to his family.

WOW! These are just a few of the stories from this week…. Kathy

Welcome to the Parents’ Academy


Merry Christmas to all our Parents, Supporters and the Blessed Sacrament Academy Community.

This is one part of the Christmas card design we are sending to class graduates from this semester. It is a part of our marketing strategy that includes a Parents’ Academy facebook page and greater use of social media. If you have a facebook account, log on to to “LIKE” our page and you will get updates when we make posts to the page. In early 2013, we will launch a blog and then a website to better connect with our community. Classes are now listed on Craigslist as well as the Southside Reporter and the Kronkosky website. Thanks to Stephanie Lozano for upgrading our marketing techniques!


We will have about 114 Precious Minds New Connections graduates from the fall classes and 42 Making Children Mind graduates by the time classes are completed on December 18th. It has been a busy semester with two new parent educators joining the program. Some weeks we had up to 8 groups meeting. Between morning classes and four evenings a week, we keep the opportunities for learning more about raising happy, healthy children open and inviting.

Child Development Center staff enrolled in the Child Development Associate program (CDA) are halfway through the curriculum and looking forward to the Christmas break from homework! Financial Peace University was small this semester, but BIG in the impact it made on the families who attended.

Calendar & Funding:

For the Kronkosky grant, we are five months into the grant year and already have 57% of the graduates we are contracted for. A few larger classes balance out the small ones and our funding will take us through the year…we just watch the monthly expenses closely and offer as many programs as we can within our funding parameters. We will include one more cycle of Foster Grandparents in the spring and a morning class for Por Vida Academy moms. Evening classes are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and some Wednesdays.

Again, Christmas blessings to the BSA Board and all the IWBS community….. Kathy Lozano


Here are 22 of our recent Precious Minds graduates!

This lovely group is just a sampling of the 130 parents we have enrolled in the Precious Minds New Connections courses this quarter.

Another 49 parents have participated in “Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours” since August.


Precious Minds–New Connections

With two more months in our funding year, we are set to exceed our target number of graduates for the Precious Minds–New Connections program. We committed to 200 graduates and if all the folks currently attending the final three courses graduate, we will be at 211! It has been a great year and we were just awarded funding for year 11 in the amount of $118,304.

This officially makes our PMNC program a MILLION DOLLAR program.  I recently had to add up all the funding the Kronkosky foundation has given us for Precious Minds and discovered that year 11 would push us over the million dollar mark. We are blessed in so many ways in our work to help children and families!

Praised be the Incarnate Word!!!!  
Thank you for your continued prayers and support, Kathy Lozano

Overview of Parents’ Academy

ParentsBlessed Sacrament’ Education – Blessed Sacrament Academy operates a parents’ education program, generously funded by various foundation and donors. It includes Precious Minds – New Connections and Other Parents’ Academy programs.

Precious MindsNew Connections – Blessed Sacrament Academy was awarded a grant by the Kronkosky Foundation to be used to provide information to families with children ages newborn to age three at home. The program was designed by the foundation to focus on helping families understand child development from birth; and how to give a child the security and support to develop cognitively, emotionally and physically. The Kronkosky grant enables Blessed Sacrament Academy to reach out into the community and provide a workshop (eight (8) sessions), child care during the sessions, meals for everyone attending (including the children), and child’s book for each family to take home and enjoy all free of charge. The program encourages a cycle of healthy parenting practices and is a valuable training course for new parents, foster parents, and caregivers alike.

Other Parents’ Academy programs – Blessed Sacrament Academy offers additional Parents’ Academy programs to serve families with older children. These courses are generously funded by other grants and donations.

“Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours” is a six lesson program that builds positive discipline and effective communication skills for families. The goal of the program is to build family success through interactive classes that teach new techniques for raising children in an ever changing world.

To build financial stability and increase family harmony, the “Financial Peace University” program is offered for any individual seeking information and guidance in beating debt and building a strong family future.

The Parents Academy welcomes parents of children of all ages and is open to the public.

For more information please contact:       Kathy Lozano       210-532-0894

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  1. This is wonderful for parents! It gives them the information they so desperately need to take care of and understand their children’s development.

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